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May 17, 2011 14 comments

Would anyone be interested in becoming a writer or contributor for Hupe Royalty? Email me at if you are.

JUNE 1: I’m taking a break from photoshop, to try to cover more of the 90’s market on ebay again. I’m going to try to emphasize specifically on the Michael Jordan market. DISCLAIMER: I believe that the information I gather and share should not be taken as ANY kind of standard, not should it be interpreted as ABSOLUTE. I am bound to report sales that may fall through, that may come from ebay sellers that other collectors find to be corrupt For this I apologize before hand for not doing in depth analysis on EVERY SINGLE SALE. I will do my best to correct any inconsistencies, and if anyone would like to help me, I am open to this becoming some kind of wiki project. Anyone is welcome to reference the information I post as a resource, but please don’t mistake it for being the DEFINITIVE report on 90’s inserts, Michael Jordan and collecting cards. This is my BLOG and the information I gather and share is for my interests and entertainment, that I openly share with others who MIGHT find it useful, flawed or otherwise.


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