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From the Emails: Massive Grant Hill High End Collection For Sale!

July 21, 2011 1 comment

I received this email, from Doug, a prominent Grant Hill collector and just wanted to share it with the viewers of Hupe Royalty:


I just wanted to let you know that I am selling my entire Grant Hill collection on ebay over the next several months!

The first half of the 94-95 rookie cards already ended and I will be listing weeking in chronological order.

This will be a great chance for the market and collectors to see the value of the rare 90’s inserts etc for Grant Hill.

I pretty much have every card made of Hill including green precious metal /10 from 97-98 and 09-10, all credentials, all rubies, all platinum, UD super patches, 50 1/1’s and tons more

Just wanted to give you a heads up…feel free to spread the word!

Here is my collection: (I still have about 100+ cards including 6 1/1’s that are not updated on this site)

A friend is posting them on his eBay account as i do not have the time as I am currently in my 4th year of medical school. His eBay ID is: entenman_enterprises

Let me know what you think!

Thanks again!


#1 Grant Hill collector in the world!!!  (well, I used to be!)

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Wanna talk cards? COME THRU!

Want to talk cards? Talk Jordan? Talk 90’s inserts?!?!?

Cam up and chat live with me an other collectors, or type along and listen as we discuss all things hobby related!

I’m setting a scheduled of every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.
Sunday: 3pm / Tuesday and Thursday: 7pm. WEST COAST TIME.

The room will always be open 24/7, so you are welcome to stop in and see if anyone is here and talk with them.

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Jason Richardson RETWEETED me! Sweet!

OH YEAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The Pioneer is back on Twitter

Keep up with one of the most entertaining athletes in all of sports.

Welcome back, Gil!

According to Dime Magazine,

Don’t call it a comeback… but Gilbert Arenas is back slinging knowledge in 140 character segments on Twitter at his handle @agentzeroshow. And to welcome his new followers to the hilarity of Gil tweets, he’s giving away some personal kicks. Around 110 kicks to be exact.

Yesterday, Arenas started the discussion by tweeting: “while i was riding i thought about the all the shoes i was wearing this season and decided im gonna give them away to my twitter fam, so everyday starting tomorrow (Friday) i will give away every shoe i wore go to ( and click sneakerchamp or the @thesneakerchamp”

So every day, Arenas will tweet out a question and every day you have the opportunity to cash in on a piece of his massive sneaker collection – sizes ranging from 12-13. All with the option of being signed by the charitable Agent Zero. To compete, follow both @agentzeroshow and @thesneakerchamp, using the latter to actually answer Arenas’ questions.

Better be quick, because we’ll be gunning for Gil’s sneaks too!

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Move over Kareem, Shaq’s going to get a statue, too.

June 3, 2011 1 comment

According to the Lakers brass, Shaquille O’neal will be honored with a statue in front of The House That Shaq Binded, “Staples”. They have yet to schedule a date, but I’m sure they want to avoid any kind of Kareem-like atmosphere and let it be known that it is definitely in the plans. This should prevent him from going on Tout and Twitter and complaining to the masses about unfair treatment. So what do you suggest would be a good pose for a Shaq statue?  I present a few ideas:

Remember when Shaq would do this?

I used to love that after he would throw down a monster dunk and run up the court throwing up that pose. Unfortunately, it would look odd as a statue because it doesn’t really capture his legacy, his essence or his basketball ability.

Now this…

…captures his dominant play on the court. Monsterous dunk, in his signature spread out, pose. Again as a statue, it might not work out, because unless you plan on attaching the backboard and support with the statue, visually, it would look silly floating alone.

Okay, he would probably rather kiss David Robinson’s ass. LOL. Bad idea here.

Here is my choice. I believe this embbodies Shaq’s essence pretty best.As much of a beast Shaq was in the game, he was always playing to the crowd – whether he was revving them up with his rim rocking dunks, or humoring them from the bench, during candid moments on the court or entertaining them in every other facet of his life outside of the 48 minutes he spent between lines. In his retirement, many websites posed his fans favorite memory of Shaq was. It isn’t surprising that some of the most memorable Shaq moments didn’t necessarily come from a play, but in his engagement of his audience. He was monstrously magnetic and knew that with every move he made, there was an audience ready to be entertained.   The best part is that this reaction, came after their incredible come from behind victory against Portland in the Conference Finals to propel them toward a three-peat that established his legacy.  EVERYONE remembers this moment, as he ran down the court, crowd frenzied after that scintillating alley oop from Kobe, and Shaq acknowledging that they were on the cusp of something bigger than even his  enormous 7’1″ frame.

Can you digggggggggggggitttttttttttt???!

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Shaquille O’neal RETIRES

Thank you Shaq.

Thank you for the many unforgettable memories of your well publicized career in five NBA cities. Shaquille O’neal was the Yogi Berra of our generation. His quotes will live online forever, providing us with a simple smile as we read all the funny, candid, truthful, spiteful and otherwise memorable sayings of the The Big ___________.

My favorite quote was when he actually quoted Aristotle. He said, “Excellence is not a singular act, it is a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.”

I’m sure there were others before them, but he is only one of three players (Rick Fox and Gary Payton) that I have played for both the Lakers and Celtics.

Slam Magazine put up a cool article on how different NBA players reacted on Twitter.

As far as his cards go, here are a few of my favorites and although I haven’t tracked any in a while, here are some older prices I tracked of his autograph cards.

Shaquille O’neal, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar 00 Stadium Club Tri Signer $465.00 5/23/11 370510138006 quickshipcards-autographs

Shaquille O’neal 00 Stadium Club Finest Moments autograph

Shaquille O’nea Kobe Bryantl 00 Topps Chrome California Dreamin

This video will ALWAYS stand out to me. The Big Backboard Breaker.

For $18, you can rep an Orlando retro Shaq shirt from his early years.

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Panini Creative Director critiques my designs!

May 30, 2011 2 comments

A little while back I asked Tracy Hackler from Panini to know what the creative team from Panini thought about some of the stuff I’ve been creating. He was out traveling for a while so he didn’t get back to me until a few days ago.

He spoke with the Creative Director of Panini who offered this to me, via an email forwarded to me by Tracy.

I have to say, I am thoroughly amazed by the time he took to respond to me, and I gotta admit that I love that he actually went in depth and offered me outlets to improve my creativity. If they are reading this, I just want to say thank you again, to Tracy and Brandon for offering their insights to me!

I’m posting this private email, with permission from Tracy.

Thank you for your passionate interest in basketball cards and your love of design. Tracy has asked me to give you some constructive criticism of your custom designs that you have put on your blog for critique.

Some of the things that many collectors do not realize are the budgetary, time and legal restrictions we have on our projects that we have to design. There are too many to mention in one email but the learning curve for an average designer coming from a formal graphic design education is approximately one year.

That being said, here are some of things that we noticed in your designs. We looked at them as a team so we can fairly assess a group opinion on your work.

Typography : Many of the designs lack a strong grasp of typography. There are a lot of rules in typography which consist of style, application and formality. Most of the designs have an undisciplined approach to the assignment of player names, team names, etc. Also, the NBA will not approve abbreviations of team names.

Color Theory: There does not appear to be much on the application of colour theory in the cards. They are very busy visually and there does not seem to be any real heirarchy. In many case, they are visual puzzles that most people will not try to figure out as they try to separate the players from the backgrounds.

Design Heirachy/Conceptual Ideas: While some of the cards have some strong layout elements (Arena Icons, Dome shots), most do not. What most collectors do not understand is that a design has to fit with all the photography available for a certain player. Many of these are custom cards and would not translate if there were a 40 player checklist that the Photography team had to fit photos into.

As far as the concepts go, our Creative Team does not come up with insert names, we simply execute the ideas of the Product Development Team. I would prefer to not give feedback on something that we are not responsible for executing.

I have attached some links to some reading material that could help with you learning design formally. I hope it helps. Feel free to ask me any questions that are design related and I’ll try my best to help you grow into the designer I know you are aspiring to be.


Best regards,
Brandon Lesley

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