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Move over Kareem, Shaq’s going to get a statue, too.

According to the Lakers brass, Shaquille O’neal will be honored with a statue in front of The House That Shaq Binded, “Staples”. They have yet to schedule a date, but I’m sure they want to avoid any kind of Kareem-like atmosphere and let it be known that it is definitely in the plans. This should prevent him from going on Tout and Twitter and complaining to the masses about unfair treatment. So what do you suggest would be a good pose for a Shaq statue?  I present a few ideas:

Remember when Shaq would do this?

I used to love that after he would throw down a monster dunk and run up the court throwing up that pose. Unfortunately, it would look odd as a statue because it doesn’t really capture his legacy, his essence or his basketball ability.

Now this…

…captures his dominant play on the court. Monsterous dunk, in his signature spread out, pose. Again as a statue, it might not work out, because unless you plan on attaching the backboard and support with the statue, visually, it would look silly floating alone.

Okay, he would probably rather kiss David Robinson’s ass. LOL. Bad idea here.

Here is my choice. I believe this embbodies Shaq’s essence pretty best.As much of a beast Shaq was in the game, he was always playing to the crowd – whether he was revving them up with his rim rocking dunks, or humoring them from the bench, during candid moments on the court or entertaining them in every other facet of his life outside of the 48 minutes he spent between lines. In his retirement, many websites posed his fans favorite memory of Shaq was. It isn’t surprising that some of the most memorable Shaq moments didn’t necessarily come from a play, but in his engagement of his audience. He was monstrously magnetic and knew that with every move he made, there was an audience ready to be entertained.   The best part is that this reaction, came after their incredible come from behind victory against Portland in the Conference Finals to propel them toward a three-peat that established his legacy.  EVERYONE remembers this moment, as he ran down the court, crowd frenzied after that scintillating alley oop from Kobe, and Shaq acknowledging that they were on the cusp of something bigger than even his  enormous 7’1″ frame.

Can you digggggggggggggitttttttttttt???!

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  1. Jimmie
    June 3, 2011 at 8:43 pm

    The first picture is a shout to his fraternity Omega Psi Phi or the Q’s

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