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m1000 custom cards: Remix 86

UPDATE JUNE 3: I found a Yao Ming photo to go with the Hakeem Olajuwon.

I normally don’t take the template of an existing card design, even though many of the stuff I make are inspired from elements in existing inserts from the 90’s. However, this was too fun of a project to pass up.

In 2008, Upper Deck/Fleer put out a few cards that took the 1986 Fleer design and applied it to the 2008 draft class. I thought the idea was clever, and the cards looked great.

Well, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, Kevin Love and a few others have developed into stars in the league and other players from that draft class, including OJ Mayo, are solid players on playoff teams.

Well, I ‘ve decided to take that concept one step further. Here is my take on the iconic 1986 Fleer set, which boasted rookie cards of numerous Hall of Famers, Dream Teamers and otherwise memorable players of The League. Enjoy!

The first card I started out with was, obviously, Derrick Rose. That card turned out superb, I think. Most of the cards are similar enough that they look really good to me.

A few cards have little nuances that I thought I’d share. The Ben Gordon card irks me because he isn’t looking in the same direction as Joe Dumars. But overall, the card is pretty similar. With Rodney Stuckey, I actually reversed the original image and photoshopped the jersey name, but didn’t photoshop the “P” in his shorts. If you notice, the Ben Gordon has the “P” on the shorts in the proper location. It was hard to find any Al Jefferson pictures dribbling, so that card is the least similar to me, but since he has the ball in the proper hand, it works good enough until I can find a replacement image.

One thing that worked out amazingly, is the jersey selection. The Pistons, Sixers, and Jazz all changed their color scheme from 1986 but in the last few they’ve changed again, and they resemble the jerseys of the players from the 1986 set. I thought that was a great coincidence.

Joe Johnson and Stephen Curry are pictured in older uniforms, but the pictures work out well because they are in the road jerseys, as their counterpart. If I could find another Curry photo in the new jerseys, I’ll re do that card, since they new Warriors jerseys actually resemble what Chris Mullin is wearing.

Because I had so much fun on this project, I’d like to finish up the dream team remix, so look forward to a Scottie Pippen, Reggie Miller, Gary Payton, David Robinson, Christian Laettner, John Stockton, Dennis Rodman remix as well.

Oh and, I’ve already started this little project…

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