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m1000 custom cards: The Liquidation

Ok, this isn’t actually a bankruptcy sale, but it reminds me of the Fleer Bankruptcy sale where they released a slew of items that were never seen by the public.

Within these groups of nine, you’ll find images of tweaks and varations on existing sets that I posted. For whatever reason, I chose not to convert these ino the sets that I posted. You’ll also find a few new designs previously unseen either becaue I am still working on them or I scrapped the idea but kept the design just in case I wanted to revisit it later.

I hope you enjoy the m1000 Liquidation. LOL

Celtics Collection

Clippers Collection

Derrick Rose Collection

Derrick Rose Collection 2

Dwyane Wade Collection

John Wall Collection

Kevin Durant Collection

Kobe Bryant Collection

Kobe Bryant Collection 2

LeBron James Collection

LeBron James Collection 2

Dallas Mavericks Collection

Oklahoma City Thunder Collection

Unreleased Collection

Variations Collection

Variations Collection 2

Variation Collection 3

Golden State Warriors Collection

Neo Renassiance Collection

Supreme Team Collection

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  1. June 1, 2011 at 8:50 pm

    Nice stuff as usual. I like the previously unseen designs, especially the J.J. Barea.

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