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94 Skybox Team USA Autographs

Tim Hardaway 94 Skybox Team USA Autographs $53.78 5/25/11 160592132261 nismo68

I thought this card would go for more. I guess that either this set has cooled off or Hardaway’s image is still overall negative with collectors.

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*UPDATE 6/27/08: Shawn Kemp and Isiah Thomas are appearantly part of this set.  If anyone has any images, I would love to see them.  Leave a link in the comments box or email me the images at emeyeceeone@gmail.com.

If you are old enough to remember these guys, then maybe you can enjoy this set. Only Dumars and (possibly) Wilkins are Hall of Famers, but at the time of this set, Dan Majerle was Peja Stojakovic-like with his three point shooting while helping Barkely and the Suns in the playoffs every year. Tim Hardaway was running the Warriors with Chris Mullin and Latrell Sprewell, while being a 20/10 guy. I think Kevin Johnson was the only other point guard averaging that much in the league. Larry Johnson was GrandMama and was supposed to revolutionize the PF spot in Charlotte. Derrick Coleman? I don’t remember much about him other than that he was playing in New Jersey.

At one point, these guys were all AllStars and that’s how they made the 96 Olympic Squad. Skybox decided to follow up on the 92 Dream Team set with this 96 version and these cards were some of the first signed cards inserted into packs. They are tremendously tough to acquire, because they only pop up on ebay every three months or so. I have never seen the Majerle on eBay and when the other pop up, they definitely sell for more than their average autograph cards.

I think I’ve seen the Dumars sell in the $50 range, the Wilkins in the $60 range and the Hardaway in the $40 range. Some have gone for close to $100 on all the players. There is still a solid demand for these cards, since the players are pictured in uniforms that they don’t have many autographs in. Majerle has only one or two others, but I think those are in his Miami unis.
Dumars only has his 97 Autographics.
LJ has a couple of autos, but only his 92 Fleer autos are in the Hornets gear.
Hardaway has only one or two in his Warriors uni.
This is the only Dominique Clippers signed card I know of.

Overall, the cards are clean, and the gold signatures defintely stand out off the card. I like ’em.

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    Nice writing style. Looking forward to reading more from you.

    Chris Moran

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