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UPDATE: 1460 interview with Powerbuyer23

Today I received an update from Powerbuyer23 through email. This is regards to the previous interview I did with him, found here.

Again, this was sent to me via email and is unfiltered. I have asked him a few more questions, via Hychang5 from Hobby Kings. I hope to post his response once if he decides to answer the questions and email me back.
hi, sorry to bother you again , i want to add something , can you help me to edit ? thank you .

Q: What is your relationship to joe parenti? he goes by the ebay userID: jeterman2, crystalballer32, dropsofjupiterrr.

hi , my location is taiwan . he help me send cards to bgs or psa company to grade before 3 years ago and help me to receive items in usa . i think this is the reason why most people misunderstand and consider i am joe .

as you know , many usa sellers do not ship outside usa or charge expensive shipping cost if i ask them send to taiwan directly . to save my cost , i need some people help me to receive items in usa .

he help me receive thousands of dollars my winning items in usa each month and also help me to check quality , if cards with any problems , he also inform me but still send to me and let me make final decision . i do not understand what happen between joe with original seller . but at least , he do not rip off my money or cards till now .

regarding your mentioned three account . i know jeterman2 is his account since i contact him . i am not sure the remaining 2 accounts are joe’s account or not , i hope you can undersatnd .

UPDATE: here are a few questions, posed by Hychang.
Q: Do you know anything about the Blake Griffin Next Day Auto situation?
A: sorry , i do not know anything about the blake griffin next day auto situtation , you note my auctions for a long time and you can find my major selling items are jordan or kobe inserts .

Q: If you were not involved with the Blake, do you realize some people may have blocked your ebay id because they do not want to ship to Joe.
A: if some people really block my ebay id because they do not want to ship to joe . i will try to explain when i bid or ask them send to my uncle’s address in usa .

Q: If you were involved and the cards were bought for you, why did you return the cards even though there is no question they are real? PSA is not the guarantor of the autograph, Panini is.
A: sorry , i have not meet this condition . because all my auto graded card are bgs graded cards with auto 10 scoring .
in my past experience , if my winning items with problems when i get , i will contact seller and let them know this condition , if seller want to resolve and agree to return , to protect both , i will contact seller and tell him i will still file on paypal , but i will resend by express and cover express shipping cost by myself . the most important , i will offer express tracking number via ebay and paypal system , thus seller can be confidence and check status on paypal .
after i receive refund payment , i will ask seller send metual message via ebay system and help seller return his ebay final fee and still leave positive feedback .
if seller do not want to resolve it , i still list item on ebay , but i will write what problems about this cards in detail . maybe damages , bent , creases or other bad condition .
i realize it will cause me lost money , but if i want to sell and live on ebay continually , i can not tell lies . especially i am international seller . if buyers can not trust me , i can not sell my items in good price .
of course , if buyer really do not satisfy his winning item , although i note i do not accept return items on ebay listing , but in fact , i always let buyer return item even cover his shipping cost to taiwan . i refund full payment to buyer when i receive return items . i do my best to let all buyers satisfy when they purchase my items .
if you have other question , please do not hesitate to contact me . thank you in advance and with best regards

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