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A Thought on Sticker Autographs

I think the various positives/negatives of sticker autographs has been discussed so often that I won’t really bring up those point previously pointed out by collectors.

One thing that just popped into my head as I composed the Jeremy Lin post was the fact that, with stickers, Panini could theoretically have enough stickers autographs already signed to use for Jeremy Lin’s entire career in the league.  That means that his sticker autograph cards for the next several years (if he lasts that long) will all look similar, assuming he signed a bunch of stickers during one session.

Michael Jordan autographs in 1998 and 2010.

Now, for me, part of the appeal of autographs is seeing the evolution (or consistency) of a player’s autographs on card. Michael Jordan’s signature has remained pretty consistent to this day, when compared to his 90’s Upper Deck autograph cards.  He has somewhat shortened it, especially on his stickers (as space allows) but it looks pretty much the same 10-13 years later.

Dominique Wilkins autographs in 1997 and 2009.

Other players, such as Dominique Wilkins,  have had autographs that have evolved over time, and it is actually appealing to me to see that process.  Whether it is because they have gotten older (retired players) or changed it as their popularity has grown (current players) it is actually great to see on card autographs with variety in a player’s signature.  It gives it a “dated” look, if the autograph differs throughout the years.

Sadly, with sticker autographs, we aren’t privileged to see how a player’s autograph evolves over his career, especially if UD or Panini uses stickers from his rookie season up until “x” amount of years or possibly, his entire tenure in the league.

Just a thought.

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