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1460: Interview with ebay buyer/seller Powerbuyer23

This third interview sprang up unexpectedly.
It came about from this thread I have on Freedom Card Board. I had incorrectly identified ebay buyer Jeterman2 with Powerbuyer23, regarding a questionable deal on ebay that was brought up on Hobby Kings. For that, I apologize to Powerbuyer23. I have since corrected my post.

I then sent an email to ebay buyer/seller Powerbuyer23 regarding some questions I had for him. Here are his responses, unfiltered. He is from Taiwan, so although the grammar is slightly off, the message is understandable.
UPDATE: I have Powerbuyer23’s first and last name (at least that which showed up on my wordpress, when he contacted me) and it is NOT Joe. I will not disclose that information at this time. Anyone is welcome to email Powerbuyer through the “ask seller a question” link on ebay, as I did.

Q: What is your relationship to joe parenti? He goes by the ebay userID: jeterman2, crystalballer32, dropsofjupiterrr.
A: hi , my location is in taiwan . he help me to send cards to bgs or psa company to grade and also help me to receive some my winning items in usa . this is the reason why you misunderstand and think i am joe.
as you know , many usa sellers do not ship outside usa or charge expensive shipping cost if i ask them send to taiwan directly . to save my cost , i need some people help me to receive items .
i do not know what happen between you and joe . so i am not sure are these accounts all joe’s account , i hope you can understand

Q: Have you ever shilled your auctions?
Q: What do you have to say to the collectors who believe you shill your auctions?
Q: many of your auctions (especially jordan cards) tend to end at prices higher than most other sellers. how do you believe this is happening?

please be aware that i plan on posting your answers on my blog. thank you
A: this is not first time that some body say i am shilling bidding and even some sellers report ebay . but if i really shill bidding , ebay already close my account and i can not sell items till now .
you can check my listing items . i use special methods ( small pictures ) to list my selling items on ebay and anyone who interest my auctions and link these pictures directly . you have not seen the same listing method from other seller . it really attract many bidder’s eyes

beside these small pictures , each picture of my selling item are all very clear , if item with any probelm , i will note in item description .
there are many the same cards on ebay . how to catch bidders eyes and customers satisfation are very important . i charge very reasonable shipping cost from taiwan to worldwide and pack strongly and safely when i send card and offer tracking number via ebay system after i sent . i do my best to maintain top-rating seller . you can check my feedback from winners and email to them have they really won these items and how about my service after them paid .
i spent a long of time on ebay to find cards , i also collect jordan inserts . not only a top-rating seller , i am also a buyer . you can see my feedback from sellers .
when my selling price are higher than other sellers , many taiwan super collectors prefer to consign their great items to me . this is why i have a lot of different great cards to sell . if you have more and more great items to sell . more and more bidders will interest your auctions .
if you have any question , please do not hesitate to contact me . i know some sellers are jealous and spread rumors . please also help me to explain .
thank you in advance and with best regards .

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  1. March 19, 2011 at 10:33 am

    As a Jordan and Hardaway collector, I’ve added many a Powerbuyer23’s cards to my watch list on eBay. There is no denying the sale prices of his cards. They tend to be higher than other sellers. However, eBay buys tend to know which sellers have the cards and which don’t. I know I look at Powerbuyer23’s listing weekly because I know there will be some good stuff there. I also like how he lists cards and supplies images. Finally, it always seems that cards sell higher than normal when there are many in one place. eBay buyers like to save on shipping and buy a few cards at a time.

    I’ve bought a few cards from him. They were as described and shipped properly. Is he shilling? Maybe. Or maybe, he just lists cards the right way to attract buyers and maximize auction bids. Without question, this was a great post by you. It’s a good question and ultimately, buyers will decide. Thanks for the post!!!

  1. March 19, 2011 at 12:01 pm
  2. March 20, 2011 at 10:46 pm

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