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1460: an interview with John (slobbythegreat)

Welcome to the second installment of 1460, where we interview collectors and people in the hobby. In this post, we meet one of the most well known Scottie Pippen collectors, John, aka Slobbythegreat. His photobucket, which features refractors, autographs and jersey/patch cards can be found here. To contact John, you are welcome to email him at Slobbythegreat@hotmail.com

Q: Why do you collect Scottie Pippen?
A: I first came across pippen when he was playing for the USA at the 92 Olympics. My lucky number has always been 8 and I saw a guy hit a running jumper wearing number 8 and thought it was pretty cool. It was Pippen so he became my favourite player. I didn’t know he played for the Bulls as the NBA didn’t get much coverage in Australia at the time. My basketball cards got stolen at school so I decided instead of collecting multiple sets I’d just collect one player and Pippen was it.

Q: How long have you been collecting him?
A: I started collecting him in 1995. I had to stop around 1998 when the cards shops here in Australia closed up due to the decline in the hobby. I came across ebay in 2003 and haven’t looked back since!!

Q: What differences have you noticed in your collecting habits, since his retirement?
A: I still go hard on things I need and I still get emails from around the world from people offering me cards which is greatly appreciated. However since Panini signed him ive found that there are an abundance of cards that don’t really do much for me. Parallels etc. I like what Panini are doing I just wish they didn’t do it in EVERY product. I really do believe Panini are good for our Hobby but they need to ditch the same old routines (lots of logomen, stupid 1/1’s that are exactly the same as a base, and the incredible amount of parallels)

Q: What card is currently atop your wantlist?
A: Currently it’s a 97-98 PMG Red. If anyone out there has one, please send it to its rightful home!!!

Q: Any stories of obtaining a certain card after waiting/not seeing the card for a long time?

A: I have 2. I managed to get an 04/05 Extra Exquisite Jersey. Then I got the 04/05 Extra Exquisite Auto Jersey #d 2/5 so all I needed was the dual numbered to 10 to complete the trilogy. I couldn’t find it anywhere but eventually found it in Japan on rnb21. The trilogy chase took me all over the world. The game used from the USA, the auto from Germany and the dual from Japan!

The 2nd one is about the ever elusive holy grail…the 97-98 PMG Green. I knew a guy on HK who had one and had spoken to him about it about 8 months earlier. Then at Christmas 2010 he said he may be looking to move it. He contacted me in January and said he wanted it to go to its rightful home. He let me save the money and BOOM! Here it is!!! BGS 8 PMG GREEN baby!!!!

Q: What are some collecting goals you have for 2011, as far as pippen goes?
A: I need to a get a PMG RED. Thats what im hunting. I need it to have them both! Somebody’s got to have one I can have!!!!

Q: Can you share any deals where you got a really good deal on a card?

A: I got a great deal on 2009-10 National Treasures 1/1 Auto. A guy here in australia pulled it from a case when he went to the Nationals. He turned down ALL offers whilst over there just so he could send it to its rightful home. He did me a great deal as he wasn’t looking to flip it. Great guy and one of the greatest collections of Jermaine O’Neal you will ever see! Thanks Garth!

Q: How do you feel about the competition on ebay between you and other pippen collectors?
A: I hate it. Especially since he retired there are fools out there who don’t know what they’re doing. You see it with the fake auto patches that come up. I wont be lured into a bidding war with any newbies or set collectors who want to bump up the price because he retired. Ill own the card eventually so no point in going to war on it….anyway, if I did go to war with you over a pippen, you wont win!!!

Q: What card are you most proud to own? (or top 3)

A: 97-98 PMG Green #4/100, 2004-05 Extra Exquisite Auto #2/5, 2005-06 Sweet Shot Wood Auto #33/35

Q: Can you share the story how you acquired them?
A: I told the story of the PMG previously however with the Extra Exquisite Auto. A German Pippen collector was selling his cards and asked if I wanted first crack. I knew he had it and it was the first one I took! The sweet shot wood was my first jersey numbered pippen. I had to negotiate quite a bit with a seller in the states to acquire it. It was on ebay for weeks with a very high BIN. We eventually came to a pretty good deal!

Q: How do you feel about the new Panini cards of Pippen?
A: I think there are way too many parallels. I like the general idea of breaking up his autos and cards in to blazers and bulls but not sure why they haven’t don’t rockets stuff yet. Im pretty impressed with their designs though. They’re doing a pretty good job considering UD and Topps and Fleer decided to ruin it.

Q: How many total Pippen cards do you have?
A: breakdown:
base: HEAPS!
insert: 950+
numbered inserts: too many to list
autographs: 71
memorabilia: 195
1/1: 28 (including plates)
Jersey numbered: 16

Q: If you just started collecting today, what active player would you collect?

A: James Harden. Im a big fan of him, so too Russell Westbrook and Blake Griffen. Not really a fan of superstars when they first come into the league but like guys who work hard and become great and a superstar…..Griffen was already there, Westbrook is on his way and I think Harden will be huge one day.

Bonus questions, via Henry, aka Hychang5 from Hobby Kings:
Q: What’s the rarest card you own that’s not a 1/1? For example: I have a card /100 that I think is rarer than those /25, not necessarily lowest numbered because it doesn’t always mean it’s rarer.

A: This would have to be the 2004-05 UD Immaculate Glossy. Only seen one of pippen on ebay since 2003!

Q: What is your favorite card?

A: Gotta be the PMG Green!!!!

Q: What is your dream card?
A: It was the PMG Green but I now own it. I really want to get my hands on a sign of the times triple auto with pippen/rodman/Jordan as well as the Exquisite titlest as well as the Exquisite Emblems of Endorsement and the Exquisite Number Pieces.

Q: What’s your dream card that’s never been made?
A: I would have liked someone to do a “6 rings” insert set with a picture of each ring on each card. Doesn’t have to be an auto but maybe a game used piece from a championship jersey.

Q: What’s the craziest thing you’ve given up to get a card? i.e. eating Spam for 2 months because you’re broke.
A: I raided my brothers old footy cards (rugby league) and some of my old cricket cards to sell to get cash for the PMG. I raided absolutely everything I could to get money for that card. I was even about to sell some old electrical appliances out of our pantry. I had to let go of some pretty rare cricket autos that I held pretty close but I was focused on the green!

Stay tuned for our next interview with fzk from Hobby Kings, a collector of 08 Topps Chrome Reds /5! If you would like to ask him questions, please write them in the comment box and I’ll be sure to add them to the interview!

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  1. scotty33
    March 13, 2011 at 6:54 pm

    Slobby, you really are the greatest Pippen collector out there! I am also a Pippen collector but my colelction can’t even touch yours. You’re a god! I really admire and adore your collection(not to mention jealous!LOL).

    Michael, once again, you did great with this interview. Thank you for giving us slobby. He’s really one of the guys whose collection I admire. Keep it up!

  1. March 13, 2011 at 4:03 pm

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