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1k status: most viewed hobby talk threads.

These are links to threads from various message boards that have hit one thousand views. It might be an incredible mailday, a controversial hobby issue or something else. Whatever it is, these are the threads that usually generate lots of opinions and mostly stimulating conversation and a wealth of information that is positive for the hobby. I’ve made this post to hopefully keep these threads easily accessible for everyone. The date listed represents the day the thread started.

3/09/11, The guy that bought both HK Blake Next Days Opened Dispute’s
3/05/11, Some additions…
2/28/11, I Wish Panini Made These Cards…
2/27/11, VIDEO and contest: 10-11 Contenders Patches Box Break
2/07/11, Showoff your essential credentials!
1/11/11, Reviving 90s insert thread!
1/07/11, Old-School 90’s MJ autos/jersey goes for CRAZY amount!
12/28/10, Blake Griffin cards are going insane *beyond stupid…
11/23/10, NBA Stencils. (“The Dunk” added 03/05)
10/20/10, Fun Thread: What are your pet peeves in the hobby?
10/18/10, 08-09 PMG: Green Are On Fire!!
2/20/09, Post your #1 very best card you have.

1/14/11, How worthless Beckett has become
1/07/11, Old-School MJ auto/jersey goes for CRAZY amount!
11/02/10, Ultimate 2010 is out -SICK UD!
10/31/10, Tales of Epic Fails…cards you should not have got rid of.
10/12/10, Really love this MJ’s card

1/25/11, Card companies leaving major hits out of their product?

3/06/11, i think famous fabrics puts out fake gu patches..
2/28/11, Stuff you won’t see from Panini (Or at least for now)
2/11/11, The Men Behind Blake Griffin’s $32,000 Panini America Basketball Card
4/10/10, Show off your Favorite Basketball Card!

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