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Deadline Deals and Gems

Man, the deadline was crazy! I can’t even describe how surprised I am that some of those deals went down! I definitely think that OKC did well. I’m confused why Boston gave up Kendrink Perkins. SMH.
Good luck to Deron Williams in New Jersey and good luck to New Jersey keeping him around for a few years. Carmelo to New York? Who knew?

In other news, a bunch of 97 Metal Universe Precious Metal Reds ended on February 23rd. It was mostly semi-stars, but was highlighted by a few Steve Nashes, Karl Malone, Toni Kukoc, John Starks and Tim Hardaway. The semistars ended all around $30-$50, with the bigger names ending at $100+, with Malone getting the most at $350. See comprehensive sales information here.

I was able to get some previous sales information on some of the bigger names (Pippen, Rodman, Penny, Kobe, etc..) in the PMG set, and I’ve added them to the aforementioned 97 PMG sales list. Here is this chinese website that I was able to get the information from. Unfortunately, they do not list any ebay auction numbers, but I’m pretty sure their information is legit.

There were also a handful of Precious Metal Greens that ended recently too, but I haven’t cataloged them yet.

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