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Monta Ellis SPx rookie jersey autograph card

Highly disappointed.
That was my reaction once I read the story that Upper Deck finally made the highly sought after Monta Ellis SPx autograph jersey rookie card, supposedly from 2005. Initially, as a die hard Warriors fan, I was excited. But after reading the story, reading a few comments afterward and doing some research, I came away feeling like this is yet another strike against Upper Deck. Here’s the development. This card is what Upper Deck showcased on their blog:

At first, I was excited to read the card was made. But when I saw it, I thought it looked a little off. For one, there is no mention of Golden State Warriors or their logo. Secondly, he isn’t picture in an NBA uniform. So I checked out the Upper Deck checklist and it SHOULD have looked like this:

On top of all that, it appears that Monta did not sign the cards. Upper Deck simply took this card and cut the signatures out. Check out the feet, as they match up to the SPx card:

I guess that means they had 99 of those in stock? Anyway, it left me feeling like why did they even both to do this? I think most of the people who had Monta Ellis SPx redemptions have already received replacement cards by now, so if anything… these will just end up on eBay, possibly sold directly thru Upper Deck. Too bad they didn’t take the time to do it right in the past when they had the NBA license. I mean, after all, they did have 5 years to do it. Here is the thread from Hobby Kings that caught my attention to the Monta situation.

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