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A few Michael Jordan sales

UPDATE:Based on what a few well informed collectors at Hobby Kings told me, it seems that the All Starquest card usually sells for a lot less. $20ish. I guess this was case of two collectors who really wanted the card and the bidding got pretty high. I’ll continue to track it for a while though – just in case.

I don’t think believe I’ve ever recorded sales on these two cards, so I just wanted to post them now. I’ll add them to the main Jordan listings later.
I’ve notice that some of the lower end UD product that had Jordan inserts sell for some pretty solid amounts. I’m guessing that because this stuff was geared toward kids, they do not get listed very often and thus, get strong bids and sell for decent amounts. I bet there are a bunch of these Collector’s Choice, UD Reserved cards in kids’ closets, which will rarely be unearthed onto eBay.

Michael Jordan 97 UD Collector’s Choice All Starquest $68.00 1/19/11 190490172611

Michael Jordan 98 UD Choice Reserve /100 $131.13 1/18/11 260720658719

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