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NBA Father/Son Duos

“You can’t teach height.”
If your father played in the NBA, 50% of your DNA dictates that you may end up growing to be a pretty tall kid. For a handful of players in the league today, they have followed their dad’s footsteps into The League. From the 6’3″ Stephen Curry to the 6’10” Al Horford, they are helping fans remember their lineage, while also looking to establish a name for themselves on the hardwood.
I read this great article over at The Hoop Doctors where they rated the top 10 father/son duos to play in the NBA. I didn’t want to copy and paste the entire article here, so you can view the gallery of some of my favorite autograph cards from the duos here, then click the link to find out who’s in their Top 10. Their rankings may surprise you.

The one son that I want to see make it to the NBA? A certain kid named Marcus, whose father, Michael, well….you already know, Michael.

Bill and Luke Walton

Dell and Stephen Curry

Dolph and Danny Schayes

George and Coby Karl

Gerald and Damien Wilkins

Henry and Mike Bibby

Joe and Kobe Bryant

Mike and Mike Dunleavy, Jr.

Patrick and Patrick Ewing, Jr.

Rick, Brent and Jon Barry

Ronald and Ronnie Brewer

Scott and Sean May

Stan and Kevin Love

Tito and Al Horford

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