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Well this looks funny.

Tracy McGrady 10 Panini Threads /9 $48.00 12/06/10
Tracy McGrady 10 Panini Threads /9 $19.99 1/16/11 160530178419

Kobe Bryant or Tracy McGrady?  Who’s better? In 2002-2003 that question was HIGHLY debatable. McGrady was in Orlando pumping 32 ppg / 6.5 rpg / 5.5 apg, leading the league in scoring while Kobe was on his way to his third championship with the Lakers. Man, McGrady used to kill it. He was one of the league’s most exciting players. 8 years later that same question is laughable. Kobe is working on ring number six with Los Angeles and now, McGrady is fighting for a starting spot on a hopeless Detroit team – his third team in as many years. There was talks at the beginning of the year that he might be trade bait to a contender (highly unlikely now) so this might be his only autographed card as a member of the Pistons.  It looks funny.  Not quite as odd as MJ in a Wizards uniform, but funny in the sense that I could picture him in his Rockets, Magic and even Raptors uniform, erupting for 25-30 on any given night. Um, I can’t say that anymore. Now he looks a little tubby, not quite the same lean, explosive player he was for so many years. He still has a following, as seen in the final price, but a McGrady auto #’d to 9 would have been easily a three digit card a few years ago.

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