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Billionaires Club.

While scrolling through ebay, I came across a Jerry Buss, Lakers owner, autographed poker card. My initial reaction was, “what the heck?!” It’s somewhat odd, but he is famous and plays poker, so I could see why there was a card made of him. Then I thought, “hmmm…what other owner has an autographed card?” Here’s what my investigation has uncovered so far. They don’t sell for much and nobody probably cares for them, but I find them somewhat odd and hilarious.  Are there any others out there?  Well, besides Michael Jordan, of course. Oh and Jay-Z.

Mark Cuban 05 SP Signature Celebrity Signing $12.01 12/01/10

Mark Cuban 05 SP Game Used Significance /100 $9.99 12/05/10

Jerry Buss 07 Razor Showdown Signature $18.51 12/09/10

Jerry Buss 06 Razor Showdown Signature $24.50 11/29/10

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