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Funny Card.

This is Jeremy Lin. Rookie point guard for the Golden State Warriors.
Jeremy Lin

These are his uniforms.

Panini Threads released an neat insert set where rookies signed die cuts inserts of their jerseys. The cards look pretty cool. Unfortunately, they didn’t get the memo that the Warriors ditched the orange/yellow/navy color scheme and went with something different this year. I find it funny that he will never wear this home uniform, unless there’s a Hardwood Classic’s night, I guess?


Jeremy Lin 10 Panini Threads Jersey /99 $26.01 12/03/10
Jeremy Lin 10 Panini Threads Jersey 01/99 $41.02 12/05/10

Oooops, Panini.

UPDATE: I just checked eBay for Jeremy Lin cards, and they were able to get the road uniform correct.  I wonder why they didn’t get the home uniform right?


UPDATE #2: Ehhh, mystery solved. It looks like the Warriors other rookie, lottery pick Epke Udoh did the same thing. I think Panini sent out the old jersey cards to Lin and Udoh to be autographed, before the Warrios unveiled the new uniforms. Both Lin and Udoh have UNSIGNED versions of the new uniforms, home and away.

Photobucket Epke Udoh 10 Panini Threads Jersey /99 $17.95 12/07/10


  1. oshmeehan
    December 10, 2010 at 1:01 am

    I think its fairly obvious that the cards were produced before the Warriors new jerseys were released, but after the Warriors new logo was released.

    These cards were signed at the Rookie Photo Shoot which I’m pretty sure is when the Warriors new uniforms were first revealed

  1. December 9, 2010 at 4:58 pm

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