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Kevin Durant Finest Rookie Cards

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of people going back and busting 07-08 Finest, looking for a nice Durant rookie refractor parallel. With all the different parallels and as Topps is still honoring redemptions, these boxes are a great break at their price ($50-60), even if you don’t pull a Durantula. Most of the time the only thing that’s pulled is the regular rookie which is selling in the $5-10 range ungraded, $30-35 in a BGS 9.5. The regular refractor parallel of this set isn’t numbered and the Durant has been selling in the $25-30 range. Here are some recent sales of the different KD parallels:

Xfractor 15/15 $389.99 3/31/10

Gold Refractor /25 BGS 9 $145.00 3/28/10

Green Refractor /149 $42.75 3/28/10 (China)
Green Refractor /149 $80.00 3/30/10
Green Refractor /149 BGS 10 $399.99 4/9/10

Blue Refractor /199 $36.00 3/28/10 (China)
Blue Refractor /199 $60.00 4/10/10
Blue Refractor /199 $50.00 4/3/10

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