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What if…?

The year is 1993, late April perhaps.

After winning Rookie of the Year, making the Playoffs and giving us Warriors fans a glimmer of hope that we had team that had potential of being championship caliber for the next decade or so…

“What if Chris Webber was never traded away from my hapless, unfortunate Golden State Warriors?!”

The 1994 season could have been ours. I think we could have had firepower to take the West from Hakeem and the dudes in Houston. Imagine running 48 minutes with a healthy Tim Hardaway, sharp-shooting Dream Teamer Chris Mullin on the wing and a young, slashing, defensive-minded Latrell Sprewell. Billy Owens and the early version of Manu Ginobili – Sarunus Maricilonus too. Chris Gatling energizing the second unit. Oh man, this sucks just typing it.

Oh how I dread seeing pictures of Tom Gugliotta in the blue and yellow, for no other reason than he WASN’T Chris Webber.
tom gugliotta Pictures, Images and Photos

By the way, the Chris Webber 09 Topps Draft Snapshots looks incredibly cool, and can be found for about $1 on ebay.

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  1. rubby
    September 14, 2009 at 11:58 pm

    It’s Sarunas Marciulionis

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