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The Return of HUPE ROYALTY

“I’m Back.”

1.  Yes, I haven’t updated any recent sales in a long while (Since July 4th, actually)  –  I know.  I have been working/playing around the country and just got back home this week.  I spent 10 days in Atlanta and another ten days in Los Angeles before getting home a few days ago.  I’m getting ready to leave for Las Vegas and New York over the next three weeks, so updates may be slim again.  I’ll try to update on weekly basis, but if I can’t, anyone can always check out eBay.

2.  I keep getting hits from www.basket-cards.com, but it is a french message board, and I can’t read it at all, so I want to say Hi to all the French collectors who frequent this site.

3. Option A – surf eBay and check out sales on Michael Jordan inserts.  Option B…

I chose option B.

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