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News and Notes

Thank you to everyone who has been visiting HUPEROYALTY lately. I just want to provide a few notes tonight.

1. A BIG thanks to Graham from Ozcardtrader who put up a banner for HUPEROYALTY on the main page of Ozcardtrader. I hope it gets more basketball card collectors to stop by and visit.

2. I have not been updating the autographs of players regularly because I have been busy with two things. Lately, I have had more fun tracking all the 90’s Michael Jordan inserts pricing and I have been working late. The autographs have suffered somewhat, so the pricing isn’t as current as it used to be. Most cards have a good amount of data though, so for the most part, it established a value even though they are not up to date as they could be if I devoted more time to searching eBay completed auctions for them. I’ll try to stay current as I can.

3. I haven’t really updated the celebrities section in a while, but that part was never a priority anyway. I’ll try to stay current, but my focus is more on the sports autographs and Jordan inserts.

4. I would really appreciate it if anyone wanted to help contribute regularly on here – so if you are the type of person who scours ebay completed auctions and wants to post data on here, I am always looking for others to do help make this more of a wiki-type site, instead of just me posting all the time.

5. If anyone would like to help with images, I could always use help on that end. If you have an image for a card that I don’t have a scan of, I will gladly accept people sending in 180×253 images to me for use on this site.

Happy Collecting! MIKE

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  1. Ben
    June 18, 2009 at 11:22 am

    Love the site and I’d love to help track Autographics prices and maybe more. Shoot me an email!

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