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UPDATE: Topps McDonalds All-American autographs

From Bostoncrn, via HobbyKings
“I had the whole set from this year with Tyreke Evans and Greg Monroe and Jennings and all them… I sold the whole set to a guy who collects the McDonalds autos every year… Sold the whole set except Monroe for 3 grand which is an extremely good price… Then sold Monroe for 300 seperately… so 3300 total…

As far as them being leaked… They were given to Topps employees who worked in the basketball department… aka myself, and also a couple other employees who specifically asked for them… Other than that, I don’t know how they are distributed… I know some were put in packs from previous years, but the rest I’m not sure what they’ll do with. Honestly, Topps has completely unraveled as far as BKB is concerned, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them completely destroyed to be honest, or they could do what they do with the RC autos before they play… sell them online via their website or something like that (aka Draft Day Autos /50 or /100)… That would just be my guess though… From my experiences there, that’s the most info I can offer… Other than that… you’re guess is as good as mine.”

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