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Kevin Garnett, limited.

Kevin Garnett has some pretty limted early autographs from Upper Deck. Recently, a 00 MVP Prosign Gold went up on eBay for the first time ever (to my knowledge, anyway) and it sold for a lot less than I would have expected for a 9 year old card that has appeared in public. Last August, the regular version popped up on eBay and it sold for over a $100, so when the Gold version numbered to 25 appeared on eBay, I would was expecting it to end at least $200. Maybe it is the economy, maybe it is because he is injured right now, or maybe I was way off in my thinking. The card did have some corner damage though, so maybe that is what kept it from realizing it’s full potential. See the original auction here.

I think that the buyer got a tremendous steal on that card, and we may never see another one pop on eBay for another nine years.

Take a look at the 99 Ionix UD Authentics Kevin Garnett, which also rarely appears on eBay (only 21 copies perhaps?) and the 01 UD Century Legends Garnett, which has NEVER been on eBay (again, this might be limited to just 21 copies) and see why I think the Gold Prosign was a hell of a deal.

As a side note, the Gold Prosign of Michael Jordan was on eBay a few months back, and I believe that ended at over $1,400.

Kevin Garnett 00 MVP Prosign Gold /25 $141.50 3/04/09

Kevin Garnett 00 MVP Prosign $107.50 6/22/08

Kevin Garnett 99 UD Ionix UD Authentics $450.00 10/01/07


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  1. March 12, 2009 at 2:02 am

    the silvered design on the MVP Pro Sign is so slick. Damn I wish I had enough $ to take that off your hands.

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