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Jerry West, seller’s mistake.

Compare the two cards of Jerry West 01 UD Century Legends above. They look the same at first glance, but one is slightly different. The image on the right is for the Jerry West Fiorentino Collection. I believe this card is either numbered, or unnumbered to a very small amount. Prior to tonight, I have never seen the card on the right.

I think the seller on eBay didn’t realize what he had, because he listed the card with a stated BV of $70. I haven’t used a Beckett in months, but I have a feeling that the BV stated is for the regular autographed card, which is pictured at left. The rarer one on the right, ended at $78.00. I think that had he listed it properly, that card could have gone for at least double that.

The card on the left usually garners around $35-$45 on eBay.

Can someone verify the BV or numbering for the West on the right?

For reference:
Elgin Baylor in the same 01 UD Century Legends autograph set usually sells for $15-$20. The Fiorentino Collection of Baylor, with just 22 copies, ended at $174 back in June of this year.

George Gervin regular autograph sells for $5-$10 on eBay. The Fiorentino Collection version Gervin (44 copies) went for $83 in late July of this year.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar usually sells for $50-$60. Back in early January, a Fiorentino Collection version sold for $89. I don’t know how many copies there are.

Here is a link to the 01 UD Century Legends autograph set.

*UPDATE: the Fiorentino Collection of West is unnumbered, but there are 44 copies of the card.

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  1. Hans
    December 31, 2008 at 3:58 am

    44 since his jersey number is 44

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