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What is the appeal of a Logoman card, IN THE PRESENT?

This isn’t sarcastic.

See if you can follow me here.

When inserts/diecuts were first created, I totally understand the appeal of having a card that was 1:12, 1:360, etc…. It was limited, and in most cases, had a much nicer design than a regular base card. Sadly, this isn’t always the case nowadays. Most inserts look like the design is an afterthought and player selection in inserts isn’t as vast as it used to be.


When serial numbered cards were made, the appeal was that you owned a card that was 1 of 2,500, 1 of 200, etc…It was finite and you could say you owned something that only x amount of other people had, and until the last few years, it usually had a deisgn that was better than a base card. Again sadly, this trend has stopped, and other than a stamped serial number or a slight color change, most serial numbered card looked exactly like a base card.

When autographs/memorabilia cards were made, the appeal was that you owned something that a player physically touched, and it was limited. Of course, this has followed the path of inserts and serial numbered cards and there is now a PLETHORA of autos and memorabilia cards. Again, these types of cards seem to now resemble the base card, except for a patch/jersey hole cut out for the memorablia or an autograph. Not much creativity.

So when it comes to Logomen card, first off, I understand it is very limited. So right off the bat, it has that appeal to it. Second, it supposedly comes from a jersey that the player wore. Well, with so many Logoman cards out in the last few years, I wonder it that is still true. (That is another topic, though)


There is an exponential amount of logoman available now as opposed to 2001? or whenever they first appeared.
The design of Logoman cards are usually an afterthought and usually unappealing (to me, anyway) since the main aspect of the card is the Logo patch. However, The logo itself is not a particularly that interesting, espeically, after seeing it on so many Logoman cards. After a while, it just looks like a plain piece of white jersey card (and everyone knows how much appeal in getting a plain white jersey card is).

The image of the player seem to be most sacrified when the design of a logoman card is created. I mean, isn’t it much more appealing to see a player in a cool action pose on a card instead of just his head and a Logo patch?

Also, if you look at the history of the other gimmicks that have been created, everything gets overdone and design is sacrificed.

Forgive me, since I know most everyone else view logoman cards as a prized possesion. But what is the appeal that causes hysteria and gets people to fork over hundreds and often, thousands of dollars for that type of card?

I only bring this up because there are so many Logoman cards being pulled from Exquisite and personally, the designs don’t seem to have changed much in the last few years since the main focul point is the little red, white and blue jerry west silhouette.

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