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2005 Topps Fan Favorites Set

I love this set. It is getting to be quite stale to see Jordan, Lebron, Kobe and whatnot in every single autograph set. The sheer size, variety and design of this set makes it one of my faves. Topps basically borrowed their old designs from their baseball product and used it to make cards of players that don’t sign as often as some of the established signers in basketball. Great move, Topps!

My favorite is definitely the Rick Barry in his CITY blue Warriors duds.

Image courtesy of Beckett Member zonealarm, his complete set of the 2005 Topps Fan Favorites set. To see the entire set, click on the link below.

Here’s the link to the thread, as well as some useful information below from Beckett Member lagos.
COngrats on completing this set with so many first time signers!!

In the last year those sellers selling the backdoored topps cards have sold probably around 3000+ of these autos, so it has been much easier to complete than before. They have even sold 10+ of the Monroe.
The Brown and the Attles, also have different card stock depending on the logo.
The ones in this set (zonealarm) are the 2 cards that are the most pletiful in the entire set. The brown must have a print run of around 1000, and the Attles 600.
The other versions are the limited versions, this is why I think the Print run beckett gives is for this other version only, since those are harder to find.

Before I was counting how many complete sets. I probably have seen 10 complete sets.
For the chrome, I know 2 collectors are collecting it. With those sellers(backdoored) selling 100’s of them(400+) in the last year completing this set has become realistic

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