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Bigfoot does exist!

There are some cards out there that only appear once in a blue moon. The Bigfoots, white whales, Nessies or whatever you want to call them. They usually tend to go up on eBay when there are penny listing days, and they usually have outrageous Buy It Now prices. However, I have been seeing some awesome cards appear on eBay that are up only once or twice a year, and in a few cases, NEVER. Here are some cards I have seen lately. To see how much they sold for, click on the link on the right of the site for the appropriate player.

I have never seen the regular version of this card on eBay, and just a few days ago, this version numbered to 6 appears on ebay. It didn’t sell for the Buy It Now of $699.99, but this is a card that has eluded me forever.

I have never seen this card either, then two pop up within a matter of days of each other. My guess is that the first sale got the attention of another collector, who thought his copy would sell for just as much. It cracked just over 50% of the first sale.

Yet another card I have never seen, this is an eight year old card of the newly crown NBA Finals Champion.

I don’t know if this card is particularly rare, but I never searched for this card in the past because I never knew about it.

This card is numbered to 50 and several have poppped up on eBay, but this version, numbered 1/50 is the only one I have ever seen that includes his name. All of the others have only “6 time champ” inscribed, but no “Scottie Pippen”

Photobucket Photobucket
The 01 UD Century Legends Fiorentino Collection includes some rare cards. Here’s one of them of Elgin Baylor on the left, numbered to 22. I have never seen this one prior to it being listed in an eBay store a few days ago. On the right is the more common version found about three or four times a month on eBay.

A few of these pop up every year, but I have never saved an image of it until one appeared recently.

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