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Random Observations

John Kundla was the coach for the George Mikan-led Minneapolis Lakers of the 1950’s. I never heard of him until Upper Deck put out the Chronology Coaches Box AUTO insert set. When I noticed that his John Kundla 06 Chronology Coaches Box /50 was one of the top selling autographed cards in the whole set, I finally went to go find out who he was. I guess a lot of old school Lakers fans must really like him, becuase his card is STILL commanding the same prices, and slightly more than when those cards first came out. I tracked two recent sales, both over $100 each. These cards were getting $90-$100 when the product first hit eBay. For almost every other signed card in the Chronology set, the eBay selling prices have been significantly lower than they were last September. This includes Jerry West cards, James Worthy cards and even Michael Jordan cards, which were all hot in the beginning.

There is one currently up for auction right now and three available in eBay stores for $295 or $150.
Just thought you should know.

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