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Random Observations

How much potential growth do Dave Bing autograph cards have?
Granted, he is not Wilt Chamberlain, Dave Debusschere, Charles Barkley, or even Rasheed Wallace or Chris Webber. However, he has not had a certified autograph card since 05/06 Topps First Row. His only three certified issues have come from 04 and 05 Topps. All are serially numbered, so only a finite amount is out there as of now. Between the 04 Finest Moments, 04 Luxury Box and 05 First Row there are only 147 copies in circulation. He has parralels of those numbered to 7 and numbered to 1, but let’s skip those for a moment.

Unless Topps is holding out on more stickers (all his cards have been stickers so far) 147 total autographs is a pretty small number for a Hall of Famer. Barkley Autographics was a $150ish when he was playing, and in the years that he hasn’t signed since, those autographics have all triple and quadrupled. Rasheed Autographics was $150ish in 1997, but has climbed to $400ish since people have realized that he only has 100 autograhs available, not counting college autograph cards. Webber is somewhat the same as Barkley and Rasheed, but I’ve noticed that his cards have cooled somewhat.

Debusschere and Wilt passed away, so it is a bit different for them. Those cards exploded after they passed, but were relatively affordable when 99 UD Legends, 99 UD Retro Inkreidbles and 00 UD Legends first came out.

Personally, I think the Bings have room to grow, especially if Topps doesn’t have any more sticker that he signed. I don’t think Topps is in a hurry to get him to sign more stuff, so this may be it.

Right now, all three cards are floating around the $80-$100 range a piece on eBay when they do pop up. He isn’t an icon or a hobby superstar, but I think there is still room for growth. Maybe $150ish once other collectors catch on or possibly $200 if (unfortunately) he passes sooner than later.

What do you think?

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